Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Moorhen drawing progress

The vast majority of the background vegetation has now been completed,there is a small area to the right hand side of the background area yet to be rendered but i couldn't wait to start adding tone to the foreground.Over the last two days i've added two layers of H grade pencil over the foreground area which will become the frozen surface of the pond,it will require several more layers yet.Its painstaking work as its achieved by using the circulism technique with a constant pressure on the pencil to achieve a smooth finish and because of the size of this piece it takes several hours per layer!.I've never been able to find a quicker but equally effective and convincing way of accomplishing this.


Nolon Stacey said...

Hi Clive, Lovely work. I admired your work at quite a few shows last year (I trade at a lot of the agricultural shows) - it's even better up close!

Unknown said...

thanks nolon,ive dropped into your blog from timt to time and admired your work.cant wait for the show season to kick off again although ive nothing till may this year.