Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Moorhen drawing progress

I have now for the most part completed the moorhen drawing.I say for the most part because even though i'm calling it complete i still feel it needs a little work in the foreground around the moorhen itself.The foreground here lacks a little texture or interest and so ive taken the drawing off the board whilst i work on something else and think about the finishing touches required here.Sometimes a little distance is required to come up with the perfect solution to a little niggle.I am very pleased with the drawing nontheless and have learned a lot during it's execution,particularly about portraying snow accurately.When finally come up with the solution i'll post the complete image here.In the meantime with one eye on the impending summer show season starting for me in may at the badminton horse trials i must get a move on in preparing new images,both domestic and exotic,for my regular collectors and hopefully some new clients,credit crunch permitting of course!.


Brenda Hill CDM said...

Clive, I love this, everything, the snow the bird it is beautiful!

Unknown said...

thanks brenda,i hope it wont be too long before i can say it's finished.birds of all descriptions really are my favourite subjects and its been nice to get back to them after so long away!