Thursday, 23 July 2009

Golden Eagle study progress

Seems like ive been layering the background to this image forever,i started as usual with an H grade pencil and have used every grade upto and including an 8B layer after layer,i just kept going as i wasn't happy with it untill i got it really dark.I'm hoping i havn't gone too dark as i'm in unknown territory here with such soft pencils but i just thought it might add a little drama to the image.Anyway having finished the background ive now moved onto the eagle itself and completed the beak and eye before moving onto the feathering which ive begun to gently layer with H and HB grades so far.Just as with my previous partridge picture i aim to show with great detail all the plumage of the bird and so i anticipate this taking a while.


Kelly Singleton said...

Clive, I think you are off to a wonderful start. I love the detail you've achieved in the beak and eye - they are very well rendered.

Unknown said...

thanks kelly,i'm pleased with it so far,just stealing myself ready for the feather work!

Unknown said...

This is really starting to come alive. great eye and love the detail in the beak.
Looking forward to the feathers. super job.