Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy new year 2011

I would like to wish everyone a very happy new year and a hope that this year will be a more peaceful and prosperous one than of late for everyone.
i apologise for the lack of postings of late ive been suffering with a bout of flu and my head is just starting to feel re-attached to the rest of me enough to attempt some work.there isnt much progress to report on my portrait of amber the labrador but i'm hopeful that as i feel better so amber's progress will accelerate.her ear is more or less completed,some little bits to do here and there but it can wait for now.ive added in the darkest areas first and unusually for me at this stage that includes the eyes because they are amongst the darkest areas on amber's face.this is a work in progress and so they're not fully finessed yet but nonetheless they're presence helps me get the overall tones of ambers face correct.the face itself has had the first layer of H grade graphite applied and will require further layering to bring out the subtleties in her coat but already i can see that the background toning will have to be adjusted later on.


Sue Clinker said...

Hope you feel better soon Clive - not the best way to start the New Year.

Look forward to seeing this one progress .... Happy New Year!


Ici, la grippe s'était aussi invitée à la maison.
Nul n'est parfait. Meilleure santé à toi et surtout, passe une très bonne année que je te souhaite, inspirée et créative.


Rin [FrostyMint] said...

Sometimes I feel like I need to get my head sent somewhere, get some work done to it and then get it reattached to me. But that's a different story... Anyway, get well soon!

Unknown said...

haha...yeah i know that feeling rin! happy new year to you:-)

Rebecca Taylor said...

Firstly Happy new year and I hope you had a nice Christmas even with the flu.
The progress you have made on this drawing is great!
I love the soft texture of fur you've created on the ear and the depth of the eyes too.
you are such a talented artist!
can't wait for more progress.

Unknown said...

thankyou rebecca and happy new year to you too.will post more progress soon,plenty of tweaking going on at the moment:-)