Monday, 30 April 2012

Hare painting update

A quick update on the progress of the smaller Hare painting i'm working on.ive completed the underpainting and am now working on the next coat of oil and adding details to the head and ears.These are almost complete and once ive worked up the body fur i'll add in all the whiskers which should tie it all together nicely.


cat said...

I love the painting of the hare - do you have any more . I am mad for hares but it is so hard to find an artist who can capture their charachter.

Do you exhibt is their a possiblilty of purchasing your work??

Unknown said...

thankyou very much for the kind the moment i have only one completed hare painting(as yet unframed)which is the one you commented on.i am currently working on a second larger painting of a hare in early evening light(17" x 12.5") which can be viewed in progress here on my blog.i exhibit at many shows and locations within the uk each year,all my work is available for purchase and i am able to ship worldwide(although some locations can be expensive).for an upto date snapshot of available paintings and drawings please do visit my website from where i can also be contacted via the contact page if you would like to view any original works.