Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Tiger cub complete 18" x 24" oil on canvas

Finished up my tiger cub painting today.I'm yet to think of a title but i'm sure it'll come to me eventually,i always find giving paintings a title the hardest part of the job and never give it any thought whatsoever until i finish the piece.This is the second painting on canvas to be completed,at the moment i'm still using pre-stretched canvas's which means trying to draw an image to fit the canvas size.i havn't quite got it spot on yet as this cub is a little closer to the edge than i would ideally have liked,another headache for my framer!.

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Unknown said...

I hate the idea to putting a frame in my pictures, i prefer to leave it, to the taste of the consumer, because if i wrong the marc could be dont like to the buyer,and damage the esthetic potential of the picture.And also i don't have so much money, like for paying frames for every picture that i paint!.