Friday, 5 April 2013

Back to the studio (at last)

                                                                  amur leopard cub
                                                                       serval kitten
The two images above show my two latest oil paintings at the very early underpainting stage.unfortunately after my last post i came down with a flu bug and have been unable to work until now.ive very lightly underpainted the Serval and now put to one side to dry and made a start on an amur leopard cub study.having painted a blue/green background tone to the picture and blocked in the spots i decided to make a start on the cats eye.i am continuing with the underpainting on this cat and hopefully by the time thats complete the serval will be dry enough to continue.


Unknown said...

All of your posts showing the progress of this painting are so impressive. It's a really good painting, and sharing the process the way you have helps other artists to become better and gives them something to aspire to. Great job!

Unknown said...

many thanks katherine,i'm glad you find the wip's useful.i think it helps to see how things are done and de-mystify the process .