Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Swan painting progress

As usual ive got several images on the go at the moment and after finishing my pencil drawing of a leopard I took a few days to prepare a new drawing,this time a snow leopard cub,and ive sketched out the initial drawing and started the long process of toning the background in layers of graphite.there's not much to see so far as its all a little dull until I start work on the cat itself at which point i'll post something.Ive reverted back to my mute swan painting during the ever-shorter daylight hours and so far ive completed the water and have now made a start on the underpainting of bird and reflections.This is the first rough coat of loosely applied oils where I define areas of the bird and start to work up colours and shadows on the plumage.I'll move onto the underpainting of the reflections next and when complete make sure it seems to be 'sitting right' before I go ahead with the second,more detailed,coat of oils to completion.

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