Saturday, 25 January 2014

visit to Amphawa floating market and village

I realise these are not wildlife orientated but I thought you might like to see my destination from yesterday Amphawa floating village and its surrounding area including a thai temple that we visited.i hired a long boat and driver for a few hours and we set off from our hotel in the heart of Amphawa floating market to do a little sightseeing and visit a couple of temples so that my wife who is thai could make some offerings to the monks and pray for good luck and happiness for us all.after thirty minutes or so navigating the waterways in the village we approached more open waterways and very quickly encountered a much more rural Thailand with plenty of lush vegetation and delightful little houses on stilts on the water margins.eventually we arrived at our first temple or Wat(in thai),along with my wife and brother and sister-in-law we all offered a short prayer and made offerings to the monks and buddhas.I'm not a particularly spiritual person but I do find the atmosphere of the temple very peaceful and condusive to the same evening I hired another boat for an hour long trip around the local waterways to observe the amazing firefly displays lighting up the trees and shrubs that edge the waterways,its a bit like a myriad of white-bulbed xmas trees blinking at each other and quite a staggering sight,i hadn't bargained on them being so bright,but a trip well worth making!

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