Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Another fox project underway

I currently have two oil projects underway but this fox painting is the only one worth looking at right now.Ive painted this particular fox before in a simpler setting but this time I wanted to attempt it again with a bit more going on in the painting.In this studio snap you can see that ive just about completed the underpainting and I'm attempting to introduce colours in the background that mimic the fox itself.The composition is coming together organically as I proceed and I think the whole thing will end up a lot darker,but for the moment I'm just putting ideas down as they come to me.I always particularly enjoy the underpainting stages because it feels like the pressure's off and if the colours aren't quite right,well heck,who cares and I get to use larger brushes in quite a painterly manner,in stark contrast to the detailed layers to come.The painting will now be put to one side to dry for a while before proceeding with a second,more detailed,coat of oils.

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