Saturday, 12 July 2014

commission update

Ive now completed the darkest part of my dog commission which was his ears and using the dark tone set here as a reference point I can now begin to build up the much subtler tones in the dogs coat,which is preominently white and therefore a lot of negative drawing is employed here as I'm drawing shadows to give the piece body.I'm going to put his eyes in fairly early on in the process compared to when I would normally complete them because I feel it gives the client an opportunity to really see meaningful progress from an early stage. as an artist,and I know many of my readers are too,its easy for us to see where the drawing is headed and viewing the mechanics of the process is always interesting but for our clients the important thing is to see there animal appear and know that in choosing us to portray there pet they've made a wise decision.To that end putting in the key discernible features and the animals eyes early on in the process and getting it right will hopefully engender confidence that the finished product will be every bit as wonderful as they had hoped.I hope you'll all continue to enjoy watching this little chaps progress.

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