Friday, 22 August 2014

A Little drawing

On 1st September along with a group of fellow artists I fly to Botswana on a reference gathering safari for two weeks during which I wont be posting on any of my social media sites.I am also reaching a busy stage with my new studio building where I will have to get the paint brushes out and get some emulsion up on the walls.Therefore ive decided not to start any new major projects until I return from Africa as I'm too busy and when I return my head will be too full of new paintings to continue with anything started prior to the trip.Hence this small sketch of a delightful Little Owl is on the drawing board at the moment which is keeping me gamefully occupied in-between other tasks.


Unknown said...

I can only imagine what kind of inspirations you will find in Botswana! Wow! I admire you for taking that adventure! This drawing is fantastic. Can't wait to see more!

Unknown said...

its certainly going to be an amazing trip Katherine once I get out there.for now its just panic stations whilst I try not to forget to pack anything!