Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Leading the Way 17" x 26" pencil drawing

My latest elephant drawing is now complete and with my publishers for image scanning prior to being released as a limited edition print.I called it 'Leading the way' and the back story behind the image is where that title originates.The image is a recollection of a scene witnessed in Chobe national park in Botswana last September.Along with my travelling companions we were sitting on a trail near the Chobe river in our safari vehicle when a small herd of elephants appeared over a rise and walked downhill straight towards us.They were heading for the Chobe river to drink and as they approached the vehicle they would acknowledge our presence with a flap of there ears or a wave of the trunk as with the lead elephant in my drawing.the animals briskly crossed the trail directly in front of our vehicle and headed off across the flood plain towards the river and the water they were craving.the larger animals were to the rear forming a kind of reargaurd to the herd of about 30 individuals of all ages.the elephants in Botswana were definitely the highlight of the safari for me and I will be returning to the subject many more times.

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