Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Jaguar study coming together

Ive been busily working away on my Jaguar drawing and as you can see the head is almost completed.The myriad of layers of graphite on the spots has all been applied and the fur detail is being worked up.When you take this big cats head in isolation like this you can really get an impression of the muscularity of the head and jaws,Jaguars possess the most powerful jaws of all the big cats,used to puncture the skulls of its prey.
next i'll be working on even more spots on the cats coat as I complete the chest and shoulders to give the whole thing perspective.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful depth! The black is so black, what are you using, ink? Love it!

Unknown said...

thanks very much,the blacks are so intense because theyre built up in layers of H,2B,3B and 5B to get the blacks really dark but retain some depth to them