Friday, 27 February 2015

Another Chobe elephant drawing on the board

Ive made a start on another elephant drawing and as with the last image I'm experimenting with the crop again.This one will be in a long,narrow format with plenty of negative space and this time there are two elephants.once again the drawing is based on an encounter in Chobe,Botswana.


Wood With Strings said...

I love the opportunities that present themselves when we look for tight crops like this; the negative spaces can contribute to some really interesting compositions. Good luck with it Clive!

Unknown said...

hi peter,i'm beginning to see all sorts of possibilities that I probably never noticed before with cropping.for some reason ive always been inclined towards whole animal drawings or portraits which meant that many reference images were ignored but now looking at them again with 'new eyes' lots of possible images spring to mind.i think I'm going to enjoy this new thought process.