Saturday, 18 April 2015

'Chobe Elephants I' 5.5" x 15"

I had taken some time out from the drawing board to work on new websites to showcase my work and try and generate more interest in my art.
Now that's finished ive started back at the board with a simple but effective elephant drawing based,once again,on an encounter at Chobe game reserve in Botswana.
The elephants I came across in Botswana moved me enormously not least because of the terrible predicament these gentle giants face from ivory poaching.I find it absolutely incomprehensible how anyone could kill one of these magnificent animals.if you've never been to Africa its difficult to explain the overwhelming feelings that you get from being in close company with elephants.They are quite obviously extremely intelligent animals and the nurture,warmth and bond they feel for fellow family members  is the same as we humans feel as far as I'm concerned.To murder one of these animals for ivory or for 'sport' is utterly despicable and the people who would do so do not deserve to walk this planet!

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