Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Lion drawing underway

I havnt drawn many male lions over the years as my references weren't too good as they were mostly of captive animals which tended to be a bit out of condition and carrying no battle scars.But after the trip to Botswana last year I now have an array of images of wild lions from which to construct a decent drawing or painting.
This particular mature male had made his presence known to myself and fellow campers during the night before our encounter as he was roaring loudly throughout the night.The next morning we started off at first light and came across this animal asleep next to a termite mound in an open area where he could see clearly for some distance.After a short while he awoke and looked at us with disdain before slowly rising and then making off into the distance.He was a magnificent animal and bore the scars of many a battle and I hope I can do him justice in this drawing.
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