Saturday, 8 July 2017

Field trip to Morar,West coast of Scotland june 2017

                                                         Heron with prey isle of Muck
                                                              Oystercatcher Morar
                                                              Oystercatcher Morar
                                                         juvenile Wagtail Morar
                                                                     Redpoll Morar
                                                                 Meadow Pipit Morar
                                                              Meadow Pipit Morar
                                                         juvenile Wheatear Morar
                                                             Ringed Plover Morar
                                                              Ringed Plover Morar
                                                                  Sandpiper Morar
                                                                           seals Eigg
                                                                          Seals Eigg
                                                           Manx Shearwaters  Eigg
One of the essential aspects of being a wildlife artist is actually getting out from behind the easel to view wildlife in its natural surroundings.I love getting out in nature but still the opportunities are not as frequent as I would like otherwise I'd never get any artworks completed.
However for two weeks in june this year I managed to get away to one of my favourite places the west coast of Scotland,staying in a cottage overlooking Morar Bay and the outlying islands of Muck,Eigg,Rum and Skye.
At low tide the bay was a vast expanse of white sands but at high tide the birds were crowded onto the rocks lining the bay and the small remnants of beaches giving great photographic opportunities.I also took advantage of my proximity to the islands by taking wildlife cruises to Mull,Eigg and Muck where I got some great shots of seals as well as a lovely sighting of a raft of Manx Shearwaters,a bird ive never seen before.On Skye I visited the Cuillin mountains which were spectacular and toured around the island obtaining some lovely background reference photos.
The whole trip was over much too quickly as usual but I have lots of fabulous references to work from and great memories to keep me going until I can visit again.


john said...

Some great photos. I enjoyed trying to see which species
i could identify. (I've never been to Europe except for airport layovers). I missed a few of them but i have seen most of them in
Africa or Southeast Asia.

Unknown said...

glad you liked them john,its amazing how far and wide some of these little birds can be found :-)