Wednesday, 7 May 2014

'Brief Respite-Red fox' 20" x 26"

Ok,hands up,i admit it,i'm a lousy photographer,but try as I might I cannot get a decent shot of this painting.Once its been properly scanned i'll post a better image,in which,hopefully,the true richness of the oil colours will be apparent!.Ive given this one a title and even signed it although I'm still debating whether or not to add more to the piece,it will have to sit in the studio for a few days whilst I make up my mind.Anyways,with this image ive tried to be a little looser,painterly even,and enjoy the nature of the oils.whilst there is a fair bit of detail here I decided early on not to get too carried away with that side of things and instead concentrate on producing a pleasing image whilst exploring the feel and nature of the paint a little more.i hope you like the end result,i'm cautiously pleased with the painting,although ive been looking at it for so long now that my eyes are just picking up every imperfection and not really seeing it as a whole.i'll have to leave it alone for awhile and re-appraise.i decided to call it 'brief respite' because I feel that anytime a fox appears on downtime then a brief respite is all its ever likely to get.thank goodness its such a resourceful animal that it can survive the persecution it undergoes at every turn.I make no apologies for the fact that I love the fox,they are a superb animal and I'm very fortunate to have them as guests on my property.

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