Sunday, 20 March 2016

'Autumn Lapwings' 13" x 16" oil on canvas


A return to my favourite subjects here with this painting,birds and water.The image is based on observations made at my local nature reserve here on the south coast of England last Autumn and depicts a pair of Lapwings sheltering in the lee of a shingle bank on a chilly but bright autumns day.I deliberately painted this in a looser manner than I might usually do and thoroughly enjoyed seeing what I could accomplish with this approach.
Despite having this studio blog for many years and attempting to keep it up to date with studio goings on and details of my exhibition etc and although it apparently has over 700 followers i could count on the fingers of one hand the numbers of people that interact with me which I find very disappointing after all the time and energy I put into it.I have never once had a single enquiry about an original piece featured here let alone a print or even a card sale.Therefore I feel that as an exercise in generating business it has proved to be a waste of my time and energy and  I will be abandoning the blog in the near future.Should there be anyone  out there interested in purchasing wildlife art originals,prints or cards all can be found on my website   I wont however be holding my breath.For those of you who have taken the time to comment here over the years I thank you.


john said...

From my perspective, it appears that the wildlife art market is dead in the water. However your blog has great value as a means to record your personal art history. I certainly enjoy reading your blog and I receive inspiration from seeing your superb artwork, (your latest painting for example). Do not abandon it.

Linda said...

Wonderful! And your header is stunning!

Unknown said...

thankyou linda,much appreciated