Tuesday 30 November 2010

new commissioned drawing

this is the start of a new commissioned dog drawing for a dear friend of mine. jiji lived in thailand and unfortunately passed away fairly recently and the only references i have to work from here are a couple of grainy mobile phone photo's.as you can imagine it's quite a tough challenge and frankly one i wouldn't normally attempt but i know how much jiji meant to her owner and so i'm giving it my best shot.ive started with the outstanding features and set in place my darkest tones to help a little with the more subtle tones to come.the eyes will go in fairly early in the drawing,which,as those who follow my blog will know,is unusual for me but because i havn't got such fine detail to work with its important to discover early on if i can make this drawing look like jiji.

Wednesday 17 November 2010

half price offer on lithographic limited edition prints

Seeking Shade-Baby rhino
image size 22cms x 35cms
£22.50 + p&p

Northern wanderer

image size 28cms x 33cms

£23.50 +p&p

Next Generation

image size 35.5cms x 47.5cms

price £28 + p&p

Young Tuskers

image size 22cms x 33cms

price £22.50 + p&p

Waterside Rest

image size 34.5cms x 40cms

price £26 + p&p

Solitary hunter-amur leopard

image size 28.5cms x 44cms

price £26 + p&p

Silverback-lowland gorilla

image size 43cms x 35cms

price £28 +p&p

Shadows-white rhino

image size 36cms x 47.5cms

price £26 + p&p

Prickly pair

image size 18cms x 40cms

price £21 + p&p


image size 43cms x 34cms

price £26 + p&p

El Tigre-Jaguar

image size 39.5cms x 31cms

price £23.50 + p&p

Cool contentment-siberian tiger

image size 30cms x 42.5cms

price £28 + p&p

Boundary patrol

image size 33.5cms x 33.5cms

price £23.50 + p&p

Autumns Bounty-dormouse

image size 25cms x 17cms

price £21 + p&p

Lying up

image size 31cms x 42.5cms

price £23.50 + p&p

Following a decision by my publishers to discontinue offering the last few of my early lithographic limited edition prints which were all editions of 595 hand signed and numbered by myself the remainder of the print stock and some artists proofs were handed over to me to free up valuable space for my latest and upcoming giclee releases.each print is mounted and cellophane wrapped and comes with a certificate of authenticity ready to go straight into a frame.there are a very limited number of numbered editions and artists proofs available of each image and i am offering these at the prices shown under each image which represents a 50% discount on the previous price.For non-uk orders the print will be rolled and dispatched in a tube and a further discount will be applied.This is a fantastic opportunity to own a clive meredith limited edition print or an even rarer artists proof.For more details or to place an order please email me at clivemeredith@hotmail.com

Please note these are lithographic prints not giclee images

Sunday 14 November 2010

Stealth-Sumatran Tiger 15.75" x 10.5"

The completed Sumatran tiger study.this will remain on the drawing board for a day or two just in case i spot any areas i want to modify after which it will be whisked off to my publishers for scanning and framing.

Friday 12 November 2010

sumatran tiger-The stare is there!

The tiger drawing isn't very far away from completion now and as is my custom ive left the eye's until fairly late in the piece.i just felt as i was getting near the end and things were slowing down a little i would give myself a lift and fix the stare in place.this has well and truly brought the piece to life now and despite the awful wet,grey and windy weather outside my studio window its given me the impetus i needed to crack on and get it done.

Wednesday 10 November 2010

sumatran tiger-the appearance of detail

having first worked up the tigers stripes then work has to start on building up shape ,form and tone in the rest of the cats face.after much subtle layering of graphite to build up the tone and shape,details of fur texture are now being added to really bring the piece to life.All this is accompanied by much tinkering around the edges constantly refining subtle details to ensure accuracy.

Friday 5 November 2010

Sumatran Tiger drawing update

this past week has been so busy with art-related business that i havn't had as much time to devote to my tiger drawing as i would have wished.essentially ive managed to complete both ears now,which always comes as a relief to me as i find cat's ears such a tough proposition in graphite that i like to approach them fairly early on in the developement of a piece.i am now working up the facial stripes of the cat in my usual manner of layer upon layer of graphite slowly building up the dark tones whilst retaining the details.once the stripes are all in place work will then continue a pace to define the rest of the fur.