Sunday 11 June 2017

Two small songbird paintings

                         'Robin' 12" x 10" oil & 24 carat gold leaf on canvas

            'Goldfinch on teazle' 9" x 10" oil & 24 carat gold leaf on canvas

These two little paintings are my latest studio offerings,both subjects that ive never painted before for some reason!
They will be heading off to the framers shortly and then available to purchase.Do leave a message if you'd be interested in purchasing these or any other of my original artworks,more of which can be found at
Unlike traditional oil paintings which can be scanned and printed these paintings incorporating gold leaf cannot be scanned or reproduced and so each piece is unique.

Thursday 1 June 2017

'Pheasant' 16" x 28" oil and 24 carat gold leaf on canvas

This is my largest gold leaf piece to date and will be joining others on display shortly at my latest Gallery.