Saturday 28 September 2013

Sumatran tiger painting update

I continue to work on the tigers face,and yesterday in particular I added a second layer of oils to the tiger's stripes which helps me to better judge the strength and boldness of colour for the rest of the cats face.apart from a very loose oil sketch a couple of years ago this is my first tiger painting and i'm learning just how difficult it is to achieve the correct colours,i think there will be a fair amount of glazing required.the image is a little paler than reality due to the camera set up i'm having to use at the slr lens has malfunctioned and rather than fix it i'm thinking of replacing the whole camera with a newer,better version which ive been promising myself for some for now the studio shots are being taken with a little compact camera.

Wednesday 25 September 2013

Back to oils at last

I enjoyed immensely my detour back into graphite for my peregrine and crows drawing and have decided that pencil will regularly feature in my workload as its such an 'immediate' medium and the time away from it has allowed me to appreciate the process once more.Meanwhile my Sumatran tiger painting had been languishing in the studio untouched for a month and after a couple of false starts I finally got around to continuing with it yesterday.From its completed underpainting stage ive now worked up the cats body and added in the eyes as a focal point.i also completed the ears and have made a start on the cats mouth.I'm working in a order that allows me to complete specific areas each day and I try to work in a methodical sequence,allowing for paint drying,that will not hold me up as I have no other painting projects underway as yet.i have plenty of ideas for upcoming projects and i'm  just fleshing those out before I assemble the new canvases.

Wednesday 18 September 2013

The Uninvited guests 13" x 20.5" pencil

my latest pencil drawing is now complete.i'm really pleased that ive managed to describe the confrontation between peregrine falcon and crows that I witnessed on minehead beach a couple of winters ago.

Thursday 5 September 2013

A short break

dear friends,from 6th September until 14th September i will be taking a short break with friends to recharge the batteries and enjoy the last of the English summer in beautiful Somerset.i wont be posting whilst i'm away but rest assured I shall return revitalised with lots of inspired ideas for new bye for now.