Monday 23 August 2010

Barn owl drawing update

The plumage on a barn owl is one of the most difficult things ive ever tried to capture effectively in you can see from the photo progress is very slow as i try to re-create the subtleties of the feather details whilst maintaining the shape and form of the bird.I am trying to concentrate on the bird as a 'whole' and not get carried away with individual feather details and placements in an attempt to convey the overall softness of the owls feathering.this one will be on the board for a little while yet as ive got the upcoming marwell show and art market to concentrate on this week as well as an upcoming workshop i'm hosting on 4th september

Thursday 19 August 2010

a little more progress

more background toning and a little snow added and now its onto the owl itself.the plumage is so subtle and complicated on these birds that it will take a while to complete and graphite has to be added gently to preserve the lightness of the birds feathering.

Tuesday 17 August 2010

New Barn Owl drawing started

ive been working on this drawing for a couple of days now.Ive added tone to the background to help to lift the subject and snow-covered details nicely.The teasles are complete now but the snow on top will be tackled tomorrow using a torchon to keep it smooth and fluffy looking.The barn owl itself will be next,followed by the celtic cross its perched on.

Friday 6 August 2010

Shallows Stalker-Little Egret

The completed egret study which ive called 'Shallows Stalker' 4.75"x 10.5" This one will be winging it's way to the framers asap to be ready in time for the Best of Hampshire Artists show in september

Thursday 5 August 2010

Another Little Egret study

With time short now between upcoming shows and most of my larger images already at various venues i am producing some smaller images of my local birdlife for a couple of local shows and once again i'm re-visiting one of my favourite themes,that of egrets and water and the reflections thereon.This is where i am so far with this one.the water has been completed in the main,just a few ripples to be added and i'm now beginning the process of building up tone on the bird.this has to be done gradually,slowly adding more and more tone in layers until ive got just the right level of shadow on the this stage ive got 2 layers of H grade pencil and one each of HB and will require further toning in areas,however i shall work up the birds reflection next just to make sure i dont add too much tone to the bird and to help with my reference points.

Tuesday 3 August 2010

small exhibit at Titchfield haven NNR

Turnstones-Hillhead harbour
From 4th august and running through untill the 23rd november i will be exhibiting some of my original bird art and limited edition prints at Titchfield Haven NNR.The haven is one of the most important birding sites on the south coast and i'm hoping to get plenty of feedback from the hordes of birders who regularly descend on the place.if your'e in the area why not pop in for a look.admittance to the visitor centre is free and theres a wonderful cafe next to the gallery to quench your thirst with a nice cuppa and a sticky bun!