Thursday 29 July 2010

The Egret pool II 4.74"x11"

The finished small i completed the mudbank with my usual layering technique using pencils grades H thru to 3B with details scribbled on top.The reflection was completed in exactly the same manner,ive also added some more subtle tone to the egret itself.This one will be winging its way to my framers tomorrow and is destined to be shown at The Best of Hampshire artists exhibition in Romsey which starts in september.

Wednesday 28 July 2010

new Little Egret drawing

here is the start of another Egret drawing.this one is very much along the lines of my award winning 'egret pool' drawing focussing on the autumn sunshine and the resultant shadows and reflections cast.The reference photo's and sketchs i'm using to create these egret images are taken by me on the saltmarsh and estuary of the river hamble which is only a five minute stroll from my home and is one of my favourite birdwatching spots.Next week my first wholly bird art show gets underway at the Titchfield Haven NNR which i'm really looking forward to,especially hearing what the hordes of birders who regularly descend on the reserve think of my works,as it's there expert opinions that i really value.

Thursday 22 July 2010

backlit zebra foal 17"x11"

A final little bit of tinkering with tones and i'm calling this one done.For an image that has given me so much trouble and been binned twice already i'm happy with the final result,i hope you all like it too

Wednesday 21 July 2010

New Greetings cards arrived

ive just taken delivery of my first six greetings cards designs and i must say i'm really pleased with the quality.i'm looking forward to having them for sale at forthcoming shows and soon they will be available online on my website
my first subjects are (6"x6")a red squirrel,bengal tiger cub,lion,black leopard,(7"x5")african elephant and calf and (8"x4")a winter barn owl.

Nearly there-Zebra foal

more subtle toning of the 'white' areas today and a bit more fur detail before completing the eyes to bring the foal to life.ive darkened the nose a little and started to tidy up the mane,which is just about the last bit to do.the background has had a little more graphite added in areas just to lift the subject a little

Tuesday 20 July 2010

Zebra foal drawing mkII-still tinkering

All the stripes are now rendered,although a bit more judicious toning may be required later.The white areas have had yet another fine layer of H grade pencil overlayed and will need further darkening to complete the backlit look to the animal.The nose is now complete having been layered with all grades from H thru to 3B.i will darken the background toning to help 'lift' the image further and re-inforce the backlit nature of the piece.

Monday 19 July 2010

Zebra foal drawing mkII

those followers of my blog with long memories may recognise this drawing or at least parts of it.i have started and re-started this piece so many times,always never entirely happy with it and yet always never quite able to throw it away.ive been tinkering once again and whilst there is a great deal of work still to do i feel that at last it's progressing in such a way as i can see myself finishing it!.i think my biggest problem with this one is all the layering necessary to get those stripes in place! its not the most exciting think to draw and i think the time away from it has done me good in that i can now identify problem areas and therefore approach the drawing re-invigorated.because i intend this piece to be backlit thereby creating some lovely highlights the 'white' areas are under constant review and the more i progress the darker those white areas are being made,albeit gently.

NEWA 2010 show opens

The annual NEWA (National Exhibition of Wildlife art) opened on 16th july and will run until 1st august.This is the largest and most prestigious wildlife art show outside of London and is being held at the Gordale garden centre,Chester high road,Burton,wirral,CH64 8TF.the exhibition is housed in a purpose built extension to the garden centre with a lovely relaxed atmosphere for viewing some stunning artworks.I have two entries this year and am delighted to say that both received 'Commended' awards from NEWA .The online gallery of artworks can be viewed here

Wednesday 7 July 2010

Turnstones-Hillhead Harbour 8"x16"

drawing completed today.I'm really pleased with the end result as i feel ive managed to get down on paper my observations from early on this year.In and around Hillhead and Titchfield haven the turnstones can always be found scurrying around foraging for food.they are a great subject to tackle as they seem completely un-fazed by close human contact allowing some lovely close views and in turn some very detailed images.

Tuesday 6 July 2010

Turnstone drawing almost complete

Not far to go now.The foreground water and reflections are almost complete.The second turnstone is now completed and all that remains to be done is to finish the foreground water or i should say the reflections in the foreground water.i have a few little pebbles to add at the extreme right of the drawing to help with the effect of showing where the water is extremely shallow and meeting the pebble beach of the harbour.

Thursday 1 July 2010

First Turnstone in.

next it's onto the foreground water,reflections and stones before tackling the second turnstone.