Tuesday, 26 May 2015

The Old Warrior 7.75" x 16.5"

My latest pencil drawing is now completed.This wonderfully battle-scarred old boy was encountered in Botswana whilst on safari in the Okavango Delta.He was a magnificent and huge Lion who had kept us all awake in our tents the previous evening roaring in the distance.

Friday, 22 May 2015

Lion pencil drawing update

This is just a phoneshot of my Lion drawing so apologies for the picture quality.Ive worked up all the lighter areas of the cats face and next i'll be adding some contrast in the form of shadowing on the right hand side of his face.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Lion drawing underway

I havnt drawn many male lions over the years as my references weren't too good as they were mostly of captive animals which tended to be a bit out of condition and carrying no battle scars.But after the trip to Botswana last year I now have an array of images of wild lions from which to construct a decent drawing or painting.
This particular mature male had made his presence known to myself and fellow campers during the night before our encounter as he was roaring loudly throughout the night.The next morning we started off at first light and came across this animal asleep next to a termite mound in an open area where he could see clearly for some distance.After a short while he awoke and looked at us with disdain before slowly rising and then making off into the distance.He was a magnificent animal and bore the scars of many a battle and I hope I can do him justice in this drawing.
All my latest drawings and limited edition prints can be found on my website www.clivemeredithart.weebly.com

Saturday, 16 May 2015

Studio/gallery re-hang

Ive just had a good spring clean through the studio and gathered together a new selection of my original works for a short while before they head off to various upcoming shows.The studio is open most days from 10-5 and by appointment.if you'd like to pay a visit then please do email me in advance at clivedmeredith@gmail.com just to make sure were open.

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Amur Leopard 8.25" x 16"

Heres a quick snapshot of my Amur Leopard now complete on the drawing board.

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

New work in progress

Ive started work on my first non-African subject for a while,this time its the rarest of the big cats an Amur Leopard.
Once again ive chosen to crop the image and leave a decent amount of negative space which I feel makes the image look a little more contemporary than a straightforward uncropped portrait might.

Badminton Horse trials 6th-10th May

From 6th-10th May some of my latest artworks will be on display on my publishers stand at 75 Deer Park drive,Badminton Horse trials.
Collier and Dobson fine art represent some of the finest contemporary artists and sculptors and there will be a stunning selection of work on display for the duration of the event so if you're visiting the event make sure to take time to visit the stand and indulge in a real feast for the eyes and senses.