Monday 29 December 2014

A peek inside my new studio/gallery

Starting in the new year my working studio and gallery in Warsash near Southampton,UK will be opened on occasional weekends to allow visitors to view a working studio in action as well as to view and purchase from a selection of original artworks,limited edition prints and fine art cards.
The studio will also be opened by appointment should anyone wish to view an original piece of art or print prior to committing to a purchase.if you would like to visit my studio then please do drop me a line in the first instance at and I will respond asap
I will post here on my blog any studio open days as they are arranged.

Thursday 18 December 2014

Latest Fox drawing complete

My latest Red Fox drawing is now complete.Its as yet untitled whilst I think of some appropriate prose,funny how after all the effort and unlimited concentration required to produce images I always struggle with titles for the images ive often spent weeks staring at!.Any way this image is an amalgamation of references from my own garden visiting foxes and a wonderful face shot of a very handsome fox taken by a good friend,who has graciously allowed me to use it as the basis of this drawing.i don't often use photographic references that aren't my own and in this case its just the face but it was just such a good looking animal and so I transferred this foxes face onto a body shot taken of one of my own animals and this is the result.The drawing is once again large scale at 26" x 17" and like my previous two large pencil drawings has been produced with a view to publishing early next year.

Sunday 14 December 2014

London International Horse show 2014 at Olympia 16th-22nd december

This year a large collection of my original works and limited edition prints will be on display on my publisher Collier and Dobson's stand N25/26 at the London international horse show held at Olympia.Some of the available original works are shown above but there will be many more and my full range of limited edition prints will also be on display.This is a unique opportunity to view so many of my artworks collected together in one prestigious venue.

Saturday 13 December 2014

New Fox drawing taking shape

My latest fox drawing is really starting to take shape on the drawing board.Its quite a large piece once again at just over two feet in height.The image is based on foxes that visit my garden and studio daily and so I'm never short of a sitter or reference to work from.

Monday 8 December 2014

Something Foxy on the drawing board

Another large scale pencil drawing on the go in the studio.This time its a full length portrait of a particularly handsome foxy fellow modelled on my own garden fox visitors who are frequently to be found waiting patiently outside the studio for a bite to eat.

Tuesday 2 December 2014

Leading the Way 17" x 26" pencil drawing

My latest elephant drawing is now complete and with my publishers for image scanning prior to being released as a limited edition print.I called it 'Leading the way' and the back story behind the image is where that title originates.The image is a recollection of a scene witnessed in Chobe national park in Botswana last September.Along with my travelling companions we were sitting on a trail near the Chobe river in our safari vehicle when a small herd of elephants appeared over a rise and walked downhill straight towards us.They were heading for the Chobe river to drink and as they approached the vehicle they would acknowledge our presence with a flap of there ears or a wave of the trunk as with the lead elephant in my drawing.the animals briskly crossed the trail directly in front of our vehicle and headed off across the flood plain towards the river and the water they were craving.the larger animals were to the rear forming a kind of reargaurd to the herd of about 30 individuals of all ages.the elephants in Botswana were definitely the highlight of the safari for me and I will be returning to the subject many more times.