Saturday 28 February 2015

Chobe Elephant drawing progress

Another day in the studio and the first elephant is complete.Ive worked up the shadows on the second elephant which throws the first animal forward nicely.once the second animal is complete there should be a strong sense of forward motion enhanced by the negative space and possibly some strategically placed vegetation.It is a very small scale piece,which poses a challenge in itself,although one that I'm enjoying immensely.The piece is only 4.5" high and its final width is likely to be in the region of 18"

Friday 27 February 2015

Another Chobe elephant drawing on the board

Ive made a start on another elephant drawing and as with the last image I'm experimenting with the crop again.This one will be in a long,narrow format with plenty of negative space and this time there are two elephants.once again the drawing is based on an encounter in Chobe,Botswana.

Saturday 21 February 2015

New Elephant drawing

this is my latest elephant drawing just off the drawing board.its based on an encounter in Chobe,Botswana with this feisty little fellow.its also a bit of an experiment in cropping to make a more contemporary look to the image which will be helped with the addition of a nice large mount.the image itself measures just 6" x 9.5".

Sunday 15 February 2015

Cheetah study 13" x 11"

This is my latest pencil drawing and although at first glance it may just seem like another cat portrait this one is a little special to me.Many of you who read my blog regularly will know that I firmly believe in seeing the creatures I portray 'in the flesh' and preferably in there natural habitat.Last year I had the good luck to see a cheetah stalking in the wild in Botswana,albeit briefly and then later in the trip I visited a cat conservation centre where I was able to sit with this beautiful female cheetah and even walk with her in the was an amazing and emotional experience that I will never forget and that is why my portrait of that cheetah is very special,if only to me.

Saturday 7 February 2015

Brand New Limited Edition Prints Released

                                                                 'Bengal'  from £195
                                                             'Charlie Fox' from £120
                                                         'Leading the way' from £185
                                                                'Little owl' from £98
                                                           'Magnificent' from £155
                                                          'Roebuck portrait' from £105

Announcing the release of six new fine art giclee prints featuring reproductions of my original pencil drawings and published by Collier and Dobson ltd,fine art publishers of Fordingbridge,UK
The prints are all strictly limited to 195 copies + 20 artists proofs worldwide and can be supplied mounted and cellophane wrapped or fully framed up with an 'art glass' option available too.
They are available to order direct from the publishing house online at  or from my own website  or you can browse my complete range of prints and buy direct from the artist at my studio/gallery at home in Warsash,UK

Wednesday 4 February 2015

Resting Buffalo 9" x 15" pencil

Finished this small drawing of resting buffalo earlier today.It is based on an encounter with a herd of Buffalo who were taking a rest in the heat of the day in woodland in Chobe,Botswana.As soon as I was taking my reference shots of the group I knew it would become a drawing or even an oil painting at some point.i have so many wonderful images of Buffalo to work with and they are one of my favourite subjects and so I'm sure i'll be re-visiting them soon.

Tuesday 3 February 2015

Botswana Buffalo drawing

This drawing in progress of a pair of old boy buffalo's chewing the cud is based on an encounter with a resting group of buffalo in chobe,Botswana.During the hottest part of the day they would lie down under the shade of trees and chew the cud until it cooled down enough for them to resume feeding into the evening.this is a small drawing in comparison to those ive produced of late at only 9" x 15" and another days work should see it completed.i love buffalo as a subject as they've got so much character and with those magnificent horns lots of textures to portray as well,perfect for graphite.i think,along with elephants, they will feature prominently in my works this year based on my trip to Botswana in September of last year.