Friday 31 October 2014

bengal tiger drawing progression

here are two shots of my latest tiger drawing taken in the studio on subsequent mornings which show the progress from initial graphite layering on the cats face to the fully worked up area of fur on the cats nose.This equates to a long day's work in the studio and demonstrates how time-consuming it can be when working large-scale in graphite.Luckily in my new studio I get very much less interruption during my working day than I used to suffer from in my studio in the house and can really crack on with a piece over many hours.

Wednesday 29 October 2014

New additions to website

                                                                      Brown Hare
Whilst many of you will be aware of my website some of you may not be and therefore with Christmas on the horizon I thought I'd post a reminder that on my website,apart from original works of art there are limited edition prints including my latest edition featuring the lovely Hare pictured above and fine art cards.So if you know someone who loves wildlife and has a space on there wall then why not have a look at my site .The site is constantly updated,prints are all strictly limited edition and each is hand-signed and numbered by me

Tiger drawing update

Lots of layering of graphite later the facial markings of my new tiger drawing are in place and I'm ready to begin building the tone on the cats face and constructing the head.The hardest part (for me) of any cat drawing are the ears because of the complexity of fur and the depth within and  I always take a great deal of time to try and make them look convincing and after a couple of days work on them in the studio I'm happy that ive achieved all that I could.i hope youre enjoying watching this piece come together.

Sunday 26 October 2014

Creation of a new studio in pictures



The pictures show the emergence of a studio/workroom over a period of 5 months from an ugly and very tatty concrete sectional garage and attached cement-bonded asbestos shed to a lovely timber building that fits nicely into the environment of the back garden.I took down and disposed of both the garage and shed and then my builder friends took over and over a period of 4 months in there spare time and at weekends they built the art studio and seamstress's workroom to my specification.there are still a few little finishing touches outstanding but the building is now fully the near future I hope to be opening the studio on alternate weekends where visitors will be able to view my entire range of limited edition prints and cards as well as a selection of original works.if anyone is genuinely interested in a private view of original works or limited edition prints then please do contact me at  to arrange a viewing.

Friday 24 October 2014

Tiger drawing update

Heres an update on my latest Tiger drawing which is progressing nicely.apologies for the photo quality but its just a quick snapshot in the new studio and the light has been all over the place today! As you can see its almost reached a point where I can make a start on the cats head,more updates next week!

Wednesday 22 October 2014

New Tiger drawing

Ive now moved into my new studio building and whilst I'm still busy organising the internal layout and finding which one suits me best I have been able to get to grips with a project that's been on the back-burner for a few weeks now.This is a large portrait of a resting Bengal Tiger and will be approximately 24" x 36 when complete.It was a fabulous animal that I met whilst in the Far East in January of this year and I hope the completed image will be published as a limited edition print early next year.The whole reclining cat can be seen (just about) in the uppermost photo and below is a close-up shot of progress so far.Its been a while since I tackled a large pencil drawing and I imagine this one may take some time to complete but i'll keep posting the progress shots here.

Monday 13 October 2014

Another studio visitor

I spotted a familiar face in the field outside my studio today.Grabbing my camera I took a few shots of this lovely Roebuck until after a while he worked out where I was after hearing my camera shutter.we played peek-a-boo in the rain for a while until I decided it was time to leave him to carry on munching in the field before I spooked him.He is the same Roebuck that I photographed behind my studio in late august but as you can see he has now adopted his autumn/winter grey livery as opposed to the chestnut colour of summer.glad to see him alive and well still,they tend not to live long when so close to the urban environment and this one already bears a few scars on his hindquarters as well as a limp probably caused by being clipped by a vehicle whilst running the gauntlet of the main roads around here.funnily enough I thought I must have some roe deer about the garden as all the flowers had been neatly cropped a few nights ago,nevermind,its a small price to pay to have such a beautiful creature nearby.