Wednesday 27 April 2011

Reflections-Black-headed Gull 17.5" x 6"

i wanted to try a relatively simple composition with oils and so i chose a subject i'm very familiar with and that is one of the many local black headed gulls at this time of year.i may still tinker a little with it but as a learning exercise i'm very happy with the result

Monday 4 April 2011

presenting 'Intensity' Black Leopard 8"x11.5"

black leopard drawing almost complete

this is how the drawing looks this morning.after a weekend away from my drawing board hosting a pencil drawing workshop on saturday and sunday spent relaxing with family and friends i'm hoping to be able to get this one finished up today.ive got several oil projects underway to attend to and i'm working on ideas for my next pencil drawing as well as preparing to release a new range of bird prints limited to only 50 copies in time for my solo show at the Titchfield Haven national nature reserve which starts at the end of may and runs through until the autumn.more details to follow.