Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Fox painting update

After many re-workings ive finally settled for this version of my 'smiley fox' painting.This really was a steep learning curve in portraying varying lighting conditions and at one point i thought i'd never get there but finally i'm happy that it looks believeable and although there is still some tinkering to go it is for the most part complete.On a different note to day i visited my publishing house to final proof my latest limited edition print 'Drifter' an african elephant piece.I was truly stunned by the quality of the printed image and part of the edition have been enlarged considerably to produce a huge eye-catching,wall dominating print which has lost nothing of the detail for being enlarged.The new image will debut at Olympia at the London horse show in december along with the framed original drawing.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

New Avocet painting

Ive put my little fox painting to one side for a while as i was struggling a little with portraying the backlit nature of the animal.While i'm awaiting inspiration as to how to complete the painting to my satisfaction ive started a new avocet oil painting.This is the more or less completed underpainting which has now been set aside to dry in preparation for the detail coat of oil.The image is once again based on observations at Titchfield Haven NNR made last autumn.

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Red fox study update

The underpainting for this little painting is now complete and ive begun to add the detail coat of oils.I'm attempting to portray the fox as if backlit and so there are some lovely contrasts starting to appear.Its a bit of a challenge but so far i'm happy with progress.

Monday, 7 November 2011

Little fox study

A combination of lack of studio time and chronic procrastination this week means that i havnt a lot to show for the weeks work.I have several smaller oils on the go right now,none of which have progressed particularly quickly and this little underpainting for a small fox study is the most recognisable thus far.I hope to be able to make something of this little study over the next few days.i photographed this particular animal on a very sunny day with the light behind the subject making an interesting backlit photo,which i hope to do justice to in this painting.Portraying the darker,shadowed areas will be my toughest challenge here i think where i'll have to introduce some blues and violet to contrast with the brighter bleached out white highlights.Oh well,fingers crossed and i'll update soon.