Friday, 27 June 2014

Into the night 11" x 10" pencil

I have a couple of outstanding pencil commissions that I will be making a start on shortly and I decided that as ive been concentrating on oils for some time I needed to take time out to re-aquaint myself with the medium.This piece is the result and encompasses all the different techniques I use for applying graphite,direct application with the pencil,layering graphite,blending using tortillons and blending stumps and finally applying graphite using the tortillons and stumps rather than the pencil itself.ive entitled it 'Into the night' as the subject,a Barn owl at twilight launches itself on a hunting mission.further details of this and other available drawings and paintings can be found on my website

Friday, 20 June 2014

Red Deer stag underpainting complete

Ive  been using alkyd oil paints to underpaint the stag which is quite useful in forcing me to make quick decisions about initial colour mixes and paint application as it goes off much quicker than traditional oils.Looking forward to making a start on the detail layer now using my trusty Michael harding oils.

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Mara Lioness 20" x 12" oil on canvas

My latest oil painting is now complete.once dry in a couple of days It will be available for purchase unframed initially and then framed when(i hope) it makes its show debut at the Game Fair at Blenheim palace next month.As usual full details for this and other paintings,drawings and limited edition prints as well as my fine art cards can be found on my website at

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Lioness oil painting almost completed

Only a few finishing touches to go on my lioness painting now.I'm happy with the looser approach allowing me to concentrate on the lighting.the colours in the painting are actually a lot richer than my poor photography skills would have you believe.should all be finished by tomorrow,next up,think  of a title.hope you've enjoyed watching this one come together.

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Lioness oil painting progress update

After completing the underpainting in Alkyds last week for this little lion painting,this week ive made a start on the detail coat using traditional oils.I'm trying to speed up my oil paintings as I feel that hesitancy with the medium and its slow drying nature combine to prohibit me from producing a bigger body of work each year. Whilst I am naturally drawn to detail I am also trying to be a bit bolder with brushstrokes and concentrate a little more on lighting and colour to produce a pleasing image,something which I still find quite tough.i'm working from top to bottom in this painting overlaying the alkyds with the more bulky traditional oils whilst trying not to get carried away in portraying every hair.i hope progress will be swift and a finished painting will not be too far away.