Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Bengal tiger cub progress

Ive darkened the background tone a touch and then proceeded onto the tiger itself.Whenever i draw big cats i always start with the ears,i think it's because it's the most difficult part to draw and they take me forever untill i'm happy.The stripes have been darkened up and layers of tone added to the cats face.on top of this i have rendered the fur pattern and then ive overlayered several times with harder graphite and a few softer areas just so the fur isnt too prominent or workmanlike.i will be moving focus from the nose of the tiger to it's cheeks next,working one side at a time starting with darkening up the facial stripes.


Unknown said...

WOW another masterpiece in progress. Good start.

Erik van Elven said...

I can relate to the ear-thing. The fur is quite thin there with long curly hair and the fleshy parts of the ear behind it, partly backlit, partly in shadow. The good thing for you is you only have to deal with the values :)