Friday, 20 November 2009

New pencil drawing started-Curlew

This is the start of my latest bird drawing,again based on observations on my local patch.This time it's a curlew on the mudflats at keyhaven harbour.The idea here is to add some drama to a fairly straightforward composition and subject by concentrating heavily on the lighting conditions and attempting to convey something of the atmosphere at the time of my observations.I was walking along the sea wall,binoculars and camera at the ready on a windy but sunny morning last month,as is the norm on such windy days the birds were facing into the wind at low tide and feeding whilst taking advantage of any sheltered spots.there were feeding groups of dunlin,knot,brent geese,turnstones all within fairly close range providing me with some great reference shots as well as 3 or 4 curlews scattered along the mudflats.the sun was bright that day and provided some lovely shadows and bright highlights on the water and off the wet,seaweed clad mudflats and this is what i intend to try and portray.This drawing can go one of two ways,it's either going to work and the atmosphere will come through or its going to end up being just another curlew drawing,i know which one i'm aiming for!.as you can see ive started by laying down a wash of H grade pencil and then over-working with subsequent layers of HB,B and 2B attempting to bring out the shaded edges of the mudflat.This darkish background(i hope)will add to the drama by seeking to highlight even more the light and shadows striking the curlew.For such a relatively small drawing i think its likely to take a little while to complete,not least of all because of the complexity of the curlews plumage.


pat said...

I was blog-hopping and came across your spot...really nice work. And I always like when artists post a sequential view of their art. I'm trying that with a couple of projects I'm doing hoping when I see the lack of progress, it will shame me into getting far, it hasn't worked.
Again, good stuff.

Unknown said...

hi pat and thanks for stopping by,glad you like the of the problems of being a creative is that life often gets in the way,leaving us with that inevitable feeling that we could have done more!
kind regards