Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Black-Headed gull and chick sketch 7" x 10"

With so many exhibitions on the horizon ive been a little busy over the last week or so getting drawings out to the various venues and on the odd decent days ive been out again with my camera photographing subjects for future drawings.Last week i headed off to one of my favourite spots at Titchfield Haven nature reserve armed with camera and binoculars to try and capture some of the hundreds of youngsters about at this time of year.As i have an exhibition coming up in august at Titchfield i thought it would be good to try and have a few images of young birds on the walls.This is a quick little study i did to get me back in the swing of things as ive been away from the drawing board for a few days and depicts one of the many hungry gull chicks being very vocal.

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