Thursday, 5 August 2010

Another Little Egret study

With time short now between upcoming shows and most of my larger images already at various venues i am producing some smaller images of my local birdlife for a couple of local shows and once again i'm re-visiting one of my favourite themes,that of egrets and water and the reflections thereon.This is where i am so far with this one.the water has been completed in the main,just a few ripples to be added and i'm now beginning the process of building up tone on the bird.this has to be done gradually,slowly adding more and more tone in layers until ive got just the right level of shadow on the this stage ive got 2 layers of H grade pencil and one each of HB and will require further toning in areas,however i shall work up the birds reflection next just to make sure i dont add too much tone to the bird and to help with my reference points.

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