Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Barn owl progress

sometimes time just flys by when your'e busy running around organising shows and event participation and before you know it youv'e been away from the studio for what seems like forever.the tail end of last month and beginnings of this month have been just like that and it is with immense relief that i finally get time to relax at the drawing board and continue working on this barn owl image,particularly as ive already entered it in a show!.this is progress as of yesterday evening and as you can see the bird is virtually completed and i'm now going to make a start on its perch which is going to be a snow-covered celtic cross or at least a portion of one.

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Enrica Merlo said...

Clive!!! You are absolutely wonderful!! I feel small next to you....Visit my humble blog of paint if you want
see you soon and thanks for your wonderful works, Enrica.