Thursday, 6 January 2011

Labrador drawing update

Ambers face has been layered multiple times with graphite ranging from H grade thru to 2B and fur detail added.once the face was completed the ear had to be darkened slightly as well as the nose.i have added in ambers collar and started the initial layering of graphite on her neck using an H grade pencil,much more to go however ive decided to add more tone to the background as its a little pale.this has been layered with many,many layers of H and HB and once again i'm going over it as you can see with yet another layer of graphite to knit it all together nicely


Rebecca Taylor said...

I'm in such awe of this piece!
Its really progressing well - your work is so realistic

Ninon Nickerson said...

Hi Clive ~ Checking in. A really happy New Year to you! Keep up the wonderful work.

Unknown said...

hi ninette,lovely to hear from you,hope you have a great year too:-)