Sunday, 31 July 2011

Small graphite WIP

'Cockling on Hill Head beach' 6" x 10" Time in the studio is at a premium at the moment with my exhibition season in full swing,however ive managed to get this far with a small graphite work.The image is of an older couple out foraging for shellfish on the beach at Hill Head in hampshire.The best of hampshire artists organisation is holding an exhibition entitled Solent scene in september and i thought i would enter something a little different for me.i was out on my mountain bike hunting suitable references for the show with my camera and not finding much inspiration when during a break perched on a seafront bench i spotted these two characters trudging through the shallows whilst the tide was out looking for a shellfish dinner.I'm not really a figurative artist but i thought the scene might amply reflect the exhibitions title so ive been giving it a you can see it's almost complete and only requires the second figure to be completed and the sea in the background.i left the sea until last because frankly i think its the toughest part of the drawing and i'm still working out the best way to approach it in graphite,but i like a challenge!

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