Thursday, 27 October 2011

Caracal oil painting progress

Had a great day in the studio yesterday with very few interruptions which is very rare these days.Ive been working up the fur details on the cats head and at one point thought to myself that this was a fairly slow and tedious process and then i remembered and was grateful that this piece is not being rendered in graphite!.


Peter Brown said...

Caracals are one of my favourite cats, and your painting is looking great. For someone who refers to himself as an "oil painting newbie", I'd say you're doing pretty well!

Unknown said...

thanks peter,much appreciated.its slowly coming together i feel,although i'm still keeping it simple for now.
i too think the caracal is a lovely animal and from my experience visiting various wildlife art shows,a cat not too often portrayed.i think it's often overlooked for its more glamorous bigger cousins.