Monday, 7 November 2011

Little fox study

A combination of lack of studio time and chronic procrastination this week means that i havnt a lot to show for the weeks work.I have several smaller oils on the go right now,none of which have progressed particularly quickly and this little underpainting for a small fox study is the most recognisable thus far.I hope to be able to make something of this little study over the next few days.i photographed this particular animal on a very sunny day with the light behind the subject making an interesting backlit photo,which i hope to do justice to in this painting.Portraying the darker,shadowed areas will be my toughest challenge here i think where i'll have to introduce some blues and violet to contrast with the brighter bleached out white highlights.Oh well,fingers crossed and i'll update soon.


Mike Woodcock said...

This looks like it's going to be a cracking little piece!

Unknown said...

thanks mike,its a re-working of an earlier graphite piece and ive struggled with this image on and off for a while now.portraying the lighting and resultant shadows correctly has been my downfall thus far