Monday, 23 January 2012

Black Leopard oil painting nearly there

Apologies for the picture quality as its proving difficult to photograph this painting whilst semi-wet.The picture itself is coming along nicely and is now almost complete bar some detailing to be added and a few refinements here and there.I'm thinking of removing the small section of the cats back catching the light in the bottom right hand corner as its a little distracting i think and i think the image will be fine without it,stay tuned to see what i decide.Ive enjoyed playing with colour and colour mixing on this piece,its amazing how many colours you can find in a black cats coat under differing lighting conditions.i have to thank my own domestic black cat 'cobweb' for his modelling skills in helping me understand the colours that crop up in the cats coat.Cobweb is banned from the studio as he's very nosey and can't resist getting into everything but he's never very far away as he's getting on a bit and spends much of his time fast asleep in a quiet corner and so he's been readily accessible for reference this past few weeks.