Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Two new Hare paintings underway

At the moment i have several oil pantings in very early stages including these two hare paintings.the topmost painting is a bit of an experimental one,where i aim to play with light and shadows and colours.I'm uncertain as to whether this one will work or just turn out as a hideous mishmash of colours but sometimes the images that start off a bit warily end up being the best,only time will tell.My second hare painting is a little more of a conventional study and quite a small piece so well within my comfort zone.I seem to be progressing the paintings at quite a slow pace right now as i go through one of my 'fidgety' stages where i find my concentration wandering(or not making an appearance in the first place)and so i'm constantly back and forth to the easel and consequently not getting very far with any of my fledgling paintings.i have several projects on the go away from my painting and i think thats the root cause of my wandering mind but hopefully tings will improve shortly.

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