Thursday, 14 June 2012

pencil drawing update

muzzle now fully worked up and the long and delicate task of gently layering graphite onto the lighter areas of the dog starts.Here ive added an initial layer of H grade pencil which ive then gone over with Hb and B grades to define changes in tone and to add fur details.the dogs colouration is quite subtley variable in the lighter areas of her coat and so i'm really having to study my reference material quite intently to pick out the tonal shifts and be extra gentle when building up that tone and fur texture so that i dont overdo it and have the drawing become too technically accurate on me.


Laurisa Brandt said...

I love German Shepherds!! This is so neat!

Unknown said...

thankyou laurisa,its the first dog of this breed that ive ever drawn but since i started drawing it ive heard from so many fans of the breed,theyre obviously a well loved dog