Friday, 10 August 2012

Underpainting complete

Completed the underpainting for my latest fox painting and its now been set aside to dry for a few days.Whilst it's drying i need to find myself an interesting tree stump to photograph and use as a reference for the tree stump i'll be placing to the right rear of the painting.


Kathryn Hansen said...

he looks great! will be fun to see the finished painting!

Laurisa Brandt said...

Sorry I haven't been commenting in a long time. I've been very busy but I'm glad I took the time to visit here again. Looks like you have several projects going on at once, and they all look fabulous. I am always inspired when I come here. Just a thought, have you ever tried to portray animals interacting with humans?

Unknown said...

hi laurisa,nice to hear from you rightly summise i have a few projects on-going at the moment,with a couple of larger paintings ive started proving particularly challenging,hence the lack of frequent posting from me here too.i have to admit that ive never tried combining animals and humans into one painting/drawing before,ive produced images containing one or the other but not both.most of the human/animal interraction pictures produced over here normally are of the 'sporting art' genre involving some poor creature being hunted with dogs or blasted from the sky by an upper class twit with money and a blood lust!,not really my cup of tea