Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Snow leopard cub painting

a couple of months ago i was rummaging around in an artshop which was a real aladdins cave of goodies and came across some stretched fine detail canvas and a friend accompanying me urged me to try it as i'd never painted on canvas didnt take much persuasion to purchase as i'm never one to look a gift horse in the mouth and the two i bought were on sale at half price so result!.ive finally overcome all my own objections as to why i shouldnt use it and so here is the start of my first ever oil painting on canvas.i have to say that,thus far,i'm loving using the canvas,it feels really nice to work on and i can use slightly bigger brushes to scrub colour into the support and then build up paint almost immediately rather than having to wait for the underpainting to thoroughly dry.this has meant progress has been relatively swift(for me at least) and after a couple of sessions this is where i'm at.the subject of course is a delightful snow leopard cub and ive decided to keep the image simple so as not to distract from the cats lovely soft colours.

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