Friday, 21 June 2013

Cape Buffalo 22" x 36" oil on canvas

I'm still struggling a little to get a decent photo of my buffalo painting in the studio and so here is my best effort so far.The painting is actually a good deal darker with more colour too but i'm a useless photographer and the light is bouncing everywhere in the studio.It will sit here to dry now and i'll take another look in a few days for areas that cry out for change but for now i'm happy with it.It is an unashamedly simple piece concentrating purely on the ruggedness of the animals head and horns and attempting to put across something of the nonchalance of an animal that has few things to worry about. The painting is one of my largest to date and I enjoyed working at this scale as I felt it allowed me a slightly looser approach which was very therapeutic and despite my next project being smaller scale I think I will be returning to large paintings soon.


Unknown said...

Impressive picture result Clive!.

Unknown said...

many thanks marc