Monday, 13 January 2014

Baby Giraffe drawing nearing completion

My baby giraffe drawing is almost completed and as the sharp-eyed amongst you will have noticed the only bit remaining to be completed is the fourth leg!
this is where I left the drawing on Saturday night and before I start work on it today in the studio and so with a bit of luck I may be able to complete it in todays studio session.
yesterday I took the day off from the studio and ventured out to the annual MIWAS (Marwell international wildlife art society) Big 5 art workshop event where I was one of 5 wildlife artists tutoring and offering advice etc to a large number of talented and up and coming wildlife artists both amateur and was a great day and feedback already received from many of the attendees will ensure the event continues to be important in the MIWAS calendar.on a personal level it was lovely to meet so many enthusiastic artists interested in all the different aspects of the business and in turn it helps to re-invigorate ones own artistic endeavours.


Unknown said...

Beautiful baby girafe Clive,i try to apply for participating in a wildlife art exhibitions in a foundations like Miwas,but i fil that it shows many difficulties to make applications in this kind of exhibitions;Clive,do you know how i can to receive notices of this exhibitions?,i become a online member of NEWA since october but still not recive any e mail of them!.

Unknown said...

hi marc and thankyou for the kind comment.
to receive notice and participate in upcoming events at MIWAS you need to be a member for which you can apply online from there website.There main annual exhibition takes place at the end of august over three days during the summer bank holiday.
Newa will be shortly emailing details of there upcoming annual exhibition to people who have registered an interest and how to enter along with some very exciting news about new sponsored prizes.if you don't receive anything in February it may be worth checking out theyre website again for online application details for the annual show

Unknown said...

OK thank you bery much Clive,i turn to try again.