Thursday, 9 October 2014

Wild dog pup study underway

During my recent safari to Botswana I was lucky enough to encounter a pack of Wild dogs or painted dogs(which seems to be the latest trendy name for these animals) which included many of the highlights of my trip was spending many hours watching a group of pups who had been left to wait quietly in the shade whilst the adults were out on a hunting trip.eventually as we watched the adults returned and after a frenzied greeting proceeded to regurgitate food for the pups.once the pups had been fed and much to my surprise the whole pack set off for an evening hunt and we followed them until darkness fell.for this little study I'm using a heavier weight watercolour paper whilst I wait for delivery of my usual paper which means the paper is also a little rougher and therefore requires more work with the harder grades of graphite to flatten out the texture a little.

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