Thursday, 18 December 2014

Latest Fox drawing complete

My latest Red Fox drawing is now complete.Its as yet untitled whilst I think of some appropriate prose,funny how after all the effort and unlimited concentration required to produce images I always struggle with titles for the images ive often spent weeks staring at!.Any way this image is an amalgamation of references from my own garden visiting foxes and a wonderful face shot of a very handsome fox taken by a good friend,who has graciously allowed me to use it as the basis of this drawing.i don't often use photographic references that aren't my own and in this case its just the face but it was just such a good looking animal and so I transferred this foxes face onto a body shot taken of one of my own animals and this is the result.The drawing is once again large scale at 26" x 17" and like my previous two large pencil drawings has been produced with a view to publishing early next year.

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Unknown said...

Beautiful fox Clibe,is your iconic animal.After my failed participation in the exhibition in Newa i am beggining to make plans for participate in other new wildlife art exhibition.I never believe that could be so difficult participate in this kind of events.